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KICKIN' IT FOR KISN On Monday 2/9/15 Good Guy Radio will launch it's KICKSTARTER campaign to raise funds for to bring KISN radio and the internet stream back to Portland and the world. AFTER 39 YEARS, THE KISN CALLS WILL AGAIN BE BROADCAST IN PORTLAND. YOUR REAL OLDIES RADIO Playing rock and roll from the ‘50’s 60’s and 70’s

The new KISN will be a listener supported, non-profit, non commercial station funded by underwriters and the listeners themselves. The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $10,000 to acquire the necessary equipment, licenses, and infrastructure to put the station back on the air and on the web and mobile devices. The Kickstarter will run for 30 days, ending on March 10, 2015. THE PORTLAND ROADSER SHOW. If we reach our goal, the new station and Stream will launch on March 21 with a live broadcast from the Portland Roadster Show. In any event KISN will be at the Roadster Show at the Expo center for all 3 days of the event. March 21 will be KISN DAY and we will present live music shows featuring the TOUCHABLES ('60's rock) The GREEN TAMBOURINE ('70’s) and MARK STEVENZ Elvis Impersonator extraordinaire. BACKGROUND

For 17 years KISN (AM 910) was the most popular radio station in the Portland area from it's inception in 1959 until it's demise at the hand of the FCC in 1976. Since then, it has made several comebacks. First in 1987 when Entercom radio brought it back to it's original spot on the AM dial at 910. Shortly thereafter KISN, (actually KKSN) went FM on 97.1 until Charlie FM took over in 2005. In 2012, Former DJ Dave Record Stone brought it back as an internet stream. lasted 2 and a half years before abruptly dropping off in August of 2014. Since then a group of KISN goodguys who were involved with Dave and the stream, plus a few others, got together and re-envisioned a comeback. THIS TIME we partnered with the Western Oregon Radio Club for access to a low-power FM transmitter they were building up on Mount Scott. The WORC applied for and got the right to use KISN-LPFM as their call letters.

The New KISN Goodguys The station is being run collectively by.:

Ken Seymour (Western Oregon Radio Club)

Scott Young (producer and engineer)

Dirty Dave The Record Slave (Program Director and curator of the 91,000 + record collection)

Rhiner Johnson (Chief Engineer) Beth Buffetta (Accountant)

The station will feature the voices of:

Roger Hart (manager for Paul Revere’s Raiders)

Dave Records Stone (former DJ at both KISN and KKSN)

Craig Adams (Former DJ at KKSN)

G. Michael McKay (former KISN DJ)

“Tiger” Tom Murphy (former KISN)

Pat Pattee (former KISN)

And others as we find them and add them to the list.

Over the years more than 150 people worked for KISN and KKSN.


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