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December 1, 2014



On Friday November 28, 2014 the FCC granted the Western Oregon Radio Club (WORC) use of the KISN call letters for use on their Low Power FM (LPFM) radio station at 95.1 MHz. Ron Polluconi club President, says "finally after 38 years the KISN call sign and radio signal will return to Portland via the FM airwaves".

Ken Seymour, Director of the WORC's Broadcast Committee states "we have successfully negotiated use of the call sign from the licensee of the current KISN radio station located near Bozeman MT. Plans are underway to launch KISN-LP and stream programming over the internet sometime during the first half of 2015". The LPFM radio service was created by the FCC and stations are authorized for noncommercial educational broadcasting and operate with significantly lower power levels as compared to full power stations.

Seymour states that "we can't entirely recreate the hype that KISN generated in the 60's. Times are different now as we Boomers have matured and are more sophisticated. So, our attempt is to provide enjoyment and bring the real oldies programming supplemented with other entertainment back to Portland's airwaves and beyond".

This is not the WORC's first venture into LPFM. In early 2009, the club launched

KQSO-LP in Newberg broadcasting the real oldies format, comedy, and ham radio news.

With the addition of KISN to WORC's portfolio, the club is required to divest KQSO as FCC rules require one entity to own only one LPFM radio station.

The WORC has been a long established Amateur Radio club incorporated in the State of Oregon in 1994 as a non-profit club. "Amateur radio operators have a code of honor. Whereas, Amateur radio is first and foremost designed to provide goodwill among the peoples of the world and we are ambassadors of our community" says Seymour. The Committees Media Manager, Tom Hopkins, states "the station will be non-commercial, non-profit, and listener supported community radio. We hope that the people of Portland have missed KISN so much that they'll be willing to chip in to help keep us on the air and streaming. We'll soon be announcing a kickstarter campaign to raise money to get KISN started again".

Members of the WORC's Broadcast Committee include: Scott Young (N7SY), Rhiner Johnson, Dirty Dave the Record Slave, Ken Seymour (KA7OSM), and accountant Beth Buffetta. WORC Board Members are: Ron Polluconi (KJ7IY), Mike Hemel (KB7WUK), and Kris Schatz (K7RIS).

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